Jamie’s approach combines experiential, somatic, introspective, and expressive modalities to understand and transform experiences of death, dying, loss, and trauma.

It is one of the most profound honors of my life to have people trust me with their deepest wounds and to share their journey of courage. This journey of grief, loss and heartbreak is one of the ways we call ourselves back home. My clients have taught me that grace can cradle grief after all, and that warrior work can be an open heart.

“Embrace your grief. For there, your soul will grow.” – Carl Jung


Transpersonal psychology is a humanistic approach to therapy which values wholeness, play, wonder and the journey of being human. Transpersonal psychology addresses all aspects of our being, spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional, physical and creative to help us heal and grow. The word “trans” in transpersonal means to move beyond the self-identity or ego into an embodiment of a larger empathetic view of humanity, the world, life and the collective unconscious.

By doing this, a person can hopefully incorporate one’s personal goals, life path, sense of awe, wonder, play and spiritual being into daily living. The ultimate resource for this philosophy is to utilize an individual’s need to feel whole and awakened to the larger wisdom of the universe.

Movement Therapy

How might your day, your week or your life shift if you could begin to see yourself as capable, as strong, as gentle, as beautiful, as enough? What would happen if you took the time to feel the connection between loving thoughts and the body’s reaction to positive self-talk and acceptance?

In Movement Therapy we explore questions like these as well as the inner world through movement, intention, music, guided meditation, imagination, play, breath and dance. During a session, we will gently explore opening our hearts, minds and bodies through different movement forms and inner wisdom.

Movement Therapy is a somatic movement practice where and individual focuses on learning the authentic wisdom of the body to assist with holistic healing. Using the body as a tool to higher awareness, buried feelings, emotions and memories can surface in a safe, holistic way and old patterns and energy blocks may find a place to shift.

The Pińon Tree has always been a landing place for my spirit, reminding me that heart roots can thrive in the most unexpected ways, on the edge of the unknown.


Somatic therapy literally means therapy which pertains to the body. Working within this somatic model, individuals focus on learning the authentic wisdom of the body to assist with a one’s healing process.

Jamie is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Training. To learn more about this, please visit the following:

Somatic Experiencing Healing Institute
Ergos Institute, Inc.

waking dream ceremony

The Earth LOVES ceremony.  Water Loves ceremony, Air loves ceremony, Fire loves ceremony! Just as the trees use our carbon dioxide and we use their oxygen for life, our grief, our courage, our letting go, our yielding is sacred energy for the planet.

The planet wants to participate in our ceremonies, we can invite the planet and her elements to be part of your ceremony for support on a deep level. Waking Dream is based on Dream Therapy, Jungian Philosophy and Ecopsychology. Sessions might include imagination and playful exploration of intuition  earth ceremonies, outdoor sessions, walking mediation and movement therapy.

We all have ceremony in our DNA, when we open our hearts and focus on our intention, details of ceremony start to unfold organically.