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An exercise I like to do at night is look out at the city and imagine that a percentage of these lights that are on have people inside of them that are loving each other, that are holding each other’s hands smiling laughing for holding space for each other’s breath and voice.  I take this image into my heart  and I try to feel into how many of those houses are holding love.
There are times when I do this that I  wonder if I  am ignoring those homes, those spaces where there is hurt where there is violence?  Am I spiritually bypassing myself?  Where I have landed with this is that by allowing myself to see those lights  and sensing the love, that I know in my blood in my bones is out there, helps strengthen my core. It give structure to my heart so that I can remember to find kindness in my actions and my words, so that I can remember there is a lot of love out there. 

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