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dangerous old woman

I am loud for the love of my global community, for my friends, those being persecuted and for our mother earth.
As Clarissa Pinkola Estes says…”You stand in my danger.”
Excerpt From The Dangerous Old Woman by Clarissa Pinkola Estes…
“the word danger in its oldest form meant to protect. You. Stand in my danger, in the aura surrounding me that is funded by my heart, my soul and my spirit that says certain things of this earth are so precious they can never be allowed to be harmed or made to vanish. You stand in my danger because i will protect, i will help, i will create, i will defend, i will unleash, i will hold back, i will restrain, i will open up, i will carve doors in walls, i will do whatever it takes. You stand in my danger. She is the protectoress, the one who takes care of those who have been conquered and raises them back up again, she is not only passionate, but she’s observant and experienced. she will protect anything of goodness, anything that has the merest spark, the tiniest spark at the end of the wood, she will breathe on it and bring it back to life.”-

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